Defence & Advocacy


We work to ensure that our clients have the full protection of the law and that in every circumstance they receive a fair and just hearing. This may include advising clients of their rights under the Criminal Code, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the common law and other legislation such as the Highway Traffic Act, the Child and Family Services Act and whatever other law or regulations govern their matter. We also ensure that any evidence is collected lawfully and is appropriate before a court. We provide advice on possible defences in law as well as ensure that the Crown or Agency being dealt with is held to their respective burden of proof.



While closely tied to defence work, advocacy focuses on advancing our clients’ position and working to obtain the best possible outcome. Not everyone wants their matter to proceed to trial, some only want guidance through the legal system. Through our representation of our clients we continuously look at options for resolution and whether they may be in our clients’ bests interests. This may take the form of a plea bargains, or alternative dispositions; negotiations with an Agency or finding a third party who may be able to intervene on our clients’ behalf.